Friday, June 21, 2002

Back Garden Cricket

I've mentioned elsewhere that Andrew and Christopher are big fans of Humongous Entertainment's games. As a Kindergarten graduation present, Christopher got a triple-pack of Backyard Baseball, Backyard Soccer and Backyard Football.
They loved the games, but on the Mac they use, running OS 9, the games will freeze up every now and then, and they have to reboot. Andrew asked if he could use my white computer (iBook running OS X) to play it on, so I let him, and it worked fine. But I had to take the iBook with me to work.
When I got home Andrew was playing Backyard Baseball again.
'How did you stop it crashing, Andrew?'
'I ran it using Virtual PC'.

After this exchange I looked in the back garden, and saw by the stumps that they had been paying Cricket - sounds like a new product line for Humongous.