Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recently Remixed - Axel F

One of my friends recently taught me the melody and baseline to Axel F (more commonly known as "Crazy Frog") and I found it so cool, that I decided to orchestrate it using Garageband. I used a M-Audio Keystation 49e (a small electronic piano that plugs into my MacBook) and Garageband to record and mix. It was great fun and I wanted to make more. This then sparked an idea — what if I find all my old composed music, compose more and pool it together on my blog. I will be posting new songs regularly and I will also be posting some of my older songs. Bear in mind that I wrote them when I was much littler so a few of them might sound a bit samey, but I still think they are cool. Anyway, here is my new Axel F homage!